Project Timeline

2016 - Home of Mountaineering Canturbury Community Trust loan paid off.
2015 - Replace De la Beche Hut
2014 - Replace Murchison Hut
2013 - Rebuild Beetham Hut
2012 - Construction of huts begins.
2011 - Major fundraising year for the project.
2010 - Confirmation of funding from DoC and other major supporters required.
2009 - Development of design and construction details.
2008 - Decision made by the Accommodation Committee that Murchison Hut should be replaced in the medium future rather than have major repairs undertaken.
Idea of building three huts for Beetham, De la Beche and Murchison hut sites proposed.
2007 - Proposal for a Erica Hut withdrawn due to concerns over the access route to the new hut site. Concept of a 'Standard Alpine Hut' developed.
2006 - November Club Committee meeting passes motion: "THAT the replacement of Beetham Hut be put on hold until the development of Unwin Lodge and identified urgent maintenance on the existing huts network is progressed to the satisfaction of the Accommodation Committee. The New Huts Reserve Fund shall be amalgamated into the Club Huts Reserve Fund and a recommendation shall be made to the Finance committee that this money be held in a separate account clearly identified for the purpose of the Huts Reserve. Rob Moffat / Ross Cullen", therefore money originally earmarked for new projects is swallowed up into the existing huts capital fund.
2005 - January visit by myself, Don Boggie, Hancox and Chas Tanner to the Beetham Valley to investigate possible hut sites and finalise geological and avalanche reports for the area.
May Club Committee meeting passes motion "THAT the Club Committee support in principle a replacement Beetham Hut being a future goal of the Club, but that all major works on Homer, Unwin and the Home of Mountaineering be completed first. Ross Corbett / Trevor Ingham".
2004 - Beetham Hut site confirmed as such in the approved Aoraki Mt Cook National Park Management Plan. Homer Hut renovations and new Home of Mountaineering project take all the time and energy of the NZAC national office.
2003 - Motion to fully investigate Beetham Hut sites passed at November Club Committee meeting: "THAT CCM approve the Accommodation Committee obtaining geotechnical and avalanche risk assessments of possible hut sites and report to CCM on the feasibility of the potential sites. Ross Corbett / Ross Cullen"
2002 - Work proceeds on investigating a range of funding options, and making submissions on the revision of the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park Management Plan to include Beetham as a hut site.
2001 - Replacement project by NZAC first formally proposed in a motion at the November Club Committee meeting: "THAT NZAC look at involvement in the rebuilding of Beetham Hut and Plateau Hut to increase our accommodation base. Geoff Gabites / Andrew Smith"
1995 - First Beetham Hut destroyed by avalanche.
1986 - New Beetham Hut constructed in the valley.
1979 - Malte Burn Hut removed from site due to geological instability.
1969 - Malte Burn Hut constructed on a moraine terrace on the side of the Tasman Glacier.


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